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Medicine is
a science of uncertainty
and an art of probability.
Dr. William Osler

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Golden Sites: GPOnline | RCH | MalaCards | NICE | GlobalRPH | PCH | PubMed

Anatomy: The human body | InnerBody | ClinicalAnatomy Video |
Coding PDF: ICPC2-EN | ICPC2-NL | ICPC2-ICD10 | ICD-11
Emergency Calculators: PCH | CATS | PediSafe
Epidemiology & public health: Databases | EU ECDS | WHO | CDC
Eye Diseases Images: Databases |
Libraries: Refdesk | NCBI | PubMed | HONselect
Lists A-Z: Medical Specialties | Orphan Diseases | Diseases | Syndromes | CDC | EU ECDC | RCH Children
Medications: RxList | Drug | Dose | GlobalRxPh | Side effects | Pil identifyer | Drug Interactions | EU Pharmacopeia
Scores in Medicine: MDApp | MDCalc
Skin disease images: Skin diseases | Skin atlas
Symptom checkers: Symptom checkers

Instruction for use: ( Read PDF or view VIDEO )

Input the symptom and context or disease, and submit. You will discover that the input will be used in 250+ smart search strings. By only typing once, for example 'fever and diarrhea' or 'hereditary mediterranean fever' you can quickly scan the medical field for detailed information about the symptom or the disease. Preferrably, use the matrix on big screen for an effective searching experience.